Achieving Greater Depth in Writing at KS2

Exploring and developing practitioners understanding of the requirements of the Greater Depth standard of writing at KS2, and looking at ways to support this through the English curriculum.
With a focus on moving children from the expected standard of writing towards greater depth, together we will explore how to challenge your children in order to enable them to apply their writing skills across the curriculum.

The training will:

  • Give teachers a deeper understanding of the greater depth requirements in the Writing Assessment Framework.
  • Focus on developing cohesion and flow, moving beyond the exploration and practice of a range of writing techniques into honed, author-like content. Provide you with a range of practical activities to demonstrate what classroom practice may look like. Consider how to closely develop pupils' ability to understand word meanings and authors' users of language, moving them from basic to deeper management of their own vocabulary, sentence construction and grammar when writing. 
  • Enable your pupils to achieve excellence in writing.
  • Create exciting writing opportunities that enable children to showcase these skills.
  • Create models of writing that inspire the children, exemplify the standards and give us the opportunity to become greater depth writers too!

This course will draw on the recent guidance from the STA, the recent exemplification material as well as use some of the moderator training materials. It may be helpful for participants to bring with them any key texts that support the teaching of writing in their classes. 

*Dates for this course will be confirmed in the new academic year. For more information and to reserve a space please email

Course Costs: